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My approach is body based and experiential. You can’t learn how to play an instrument by just reading and talking about it. The same holds true with proficiency around emotional and physical intimacy. You will learn skills through interactive practice and have successful embodied experiences which will in turn imbue you with a deeper sense of ease and confidence.

On a physiological level, you will be directly engaging with your autonomic nervous system, so that you can better regulate the biochemical and physiological responses in your body when you experience emotions and feelings like anxiety, nervousness, inhibition, pressure, disconnection and shame. Body-based, experiential learning will allow you to gain sexual intelligence, confidence and a sense of ease and harmony within yourself. This all serves to nurture and awaken your authentic self, so that you can enjoy the full spectrum of all that sex and relationships can offer.

Sessions include a mix of experiential work, candid discussion/education around sex, and how cultural narratives and gender roles shape our beliefs and actions. In a safe, non-judgmental space, you can begin to sort through all the “supposed to’s” and “should’s” and get back in touch with your authenticity, and with your body’s own innate wisdom.

Another component of our work together is mindfulness- learning to observe your experience with open curiosity and without judgment. I guide you in slowing down and bringing your attention to the details of your current experience- whether it’s an emotion, a body sensation/movement, an impulse, a thought or memory. The purpose of this is to help you get into contact with your whole self, and access a deeper level of consciousness beyond the habitual and cognitive. 

Much of the work is informed by the two modalities below.

The Somatica® Method

The Somatica Method is an innovative approach to sex coaching. Somatica is interactive and allows clients to experience safety and secure attachment, leading to genuine love, erotic connection and intimacy.

From the Somatica Institute website:
“The Somatica® Method is a holistic, loving and systematic approach to sex and relationship coaching that invites people to move beyond shame, clarify their needs and boundaries, live emotionally connected and erotically embodied lives, and experience the joy and satisfaction of great sex and authentic relationships. The Somatica Method is pleasure-based, interactive and experiential and based on up-to-date neuroscience research about how people learn, connect and experience personal growth.”

For more information about the Somatica® Method, take a look at their website.


Hakomi is a gentle and compassionate methodology that focuses on transforming the core beliefs and neural patterns which subconsciously influence your experiences. Transformation of these beliefs and patterns will allow you to live a fuller life with your highest sense of self. Hakomi is based on these guiding principles: mindfulness, non-violence, mind-body integration, unity, and organicity. This method is gentle yet powerful, yielding rapid growth and transformation. 

For a more thorough description of the Hakomi method and process, visit their website.

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