“Sex is not just an act, not just a technique. What the muscles do is of little significance. What is important is how human beings feel before and afterwards, how they feel in their own skins. Sex is a medium of expression, just as much as music and painting, and it should be individual and lovely.”

– Dr. Prudence Tunnadeine

Pleasure based sex therapy…

There is nothing wrong with you, and your body is not broken. The challenges you face are all quite normal and common. It can feel like you are the only one struggling because most of us don’t talk openly about sex. The problem is not you, it’s the fact that the majority of us did not receive accurate information and education about our bodies and sex, and our society has rigid expectations for how you should behave based on what genitals you were born with.

Pleasure is a human right, and I am passionate about providing people with the skills and knowledge to bring more pleasure into their lives. Humans are varied when it comes to sexual preferences and desires, and these preferences and desires can also fluctuate over time as our bodies change or as we come into contact with new people and experiences. None of us fit neatly into the boxes that society puts us in. When we try to fit into those boxes and they aren’t congruent with who we are, we end up pathologizing ourselves or developing shame around who we are.

I provide an open and nonjudgmental space for you to get in touch with your authenticity. In our work together, you will learn to sort through cultural messages and beliefs that are creating distress or dysfunction, learn to express yourself clearly to partner(s), gain new knowledge and embodied skills that build confidence – leading to a healthier and more pleasurable sex life and the relationships you desire.

I have an office in San Francisco, and am also available to meet virtually.

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