I work with individuals of all sexual and gender identities. Below are common topics that I work with.

Sex & Intimacy

The sexual shame and misinformation that is pervasive in our culture has wounded all of us, resulting in limiting beliefs that prevent us from seeking pleasure and honoring our own desires. This wounding ends up creating dysfunctions and challenges, which can manifest in many different ways. Issues I commonly address:

  • Anxiety: whether it’s performance anxiety, anxiety around intimacy, or just general anxiety that gets in the way of connection and self expression.
  • Sexual dysfunctions and difficulties: lack of sexual desire, low arousal, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, painful intercourse, inability to orgasm, lack of sensation/pleasure, lack of experience, lack of confidence, and porn dependence/addiction.
  • Desires: identify and understand your desires, work through any shame or discomfort surrounding them so that you can be more accepting of yourself and experience more pleasure.
  • Communication: how to effectively communicate about sex and your desires to your partner(s) and how to create a safe space for them to open up.
  • Sex Education: you will receive open, honest and thorough sex education that is pleasure-based rather than the fear/shame based education we’ve all received, learn about how expectations of gender roles hinder pleasure and connection, and identify and acknowledge the ways in which sex misinformation is affecting our sexual experiences.
  • Experiential Learning: build skills in touch to evoke passion and desire in your partner(s), get out of your head or release anxiety in order to connect more fully to your body.
  • Boundaries: Discover your boundaries and how to communicate them effectively, how to create a dialogue and space for your partner(s) to feel comfortable with finding and asserting their boundaries.
  • Sexual shame: Shame has built protective shells around all of us. Work through the shame that is holding you back from exploring the depths of your desires, your capacity for pleasure and your authentic expression and connection.
  • Trauma: if you’ve experienced a traumatic event, or ongoing trauma, and as a result feel barriers to sexual and/or physical intimacy.

Couples, Thruples and More

I enjoy working with a diverse set of clients who experience relationships in different ways; monogamy and all the various forms of non-monogamy. I specialize in:

  • How to have a stronger sense of self and know what you want.
  • Negotiating and creating alternative relationship structures such as poly or open relationships.
  • Deepening intimacy through expressing vulnerability.
  • Navigating sexual differences/desires.
  • Increasing/fostering deeper communication.
  • How to identify and navigate your own and your partner(s) emotional triggers.
  • Rekindle a sexless marriage/partnership or rekindle the desire.
  • Navigating disappointment manifested by differing needs between partners


I provide an open and non-judgmental space to explore and learn:

  • Getting in touch with and understanding your kinks and fetishes.
  • How to come out to intimate partners about your kink or fetish.
  • Dominance and submission.
  • How to play with power dynamics.
  • Skills building/using various toys and implements, and how to play with sensation, anticipation, and tension.
  • Learn how to craft a scene.
  • Why is consent important, and how to have consensual exchanges.
  • Learn what is a healthy vs unhealthy D/S exchange.


Appointments are 75 minutes in length, once a week.

Coaching via Skype is available if you are not in my area.