I am passionate about giving individuals the skills and knowledge to create the life they want, to break free from the cultural indoctrination of shame and fear surrounding sex, and to live a life of pleasure and authenticity. This starts with gaining access to a more authentic self – whether it’s your sexual identity, gender identity, sexual desires and interests, or knowing the kind of relationship you want to be in.

Humans are varied when it comes to their sexual desires, and gender and sexual identities can be non-binary and on a spectrum. I believe that these aspects within ourselves can be fluid and ever changing as we move through life and encounter new experiences and people. We don’t fit neatly into the boxes that society puts us in. When we try to fit into those boxes and they aren’t congruent with who we are, we end up pathologizing ourselves or developing shame around who we are.

In our work together, you will learn to sort through cultural messages and beliefs that are creating distress or dysfunction, learn to express yourself clearly to partner(s), gain new knowledge and embodied skills that build confidence – leading to a healthier and more pleasurable sex life and the relationships you desire.